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Let’s talk. I’ll review your needs; save you time and effort; give you nuances, details and opinions. Assuring that you choose successful, video based, HR/Training programs in either DVD or Online formats.

Female owned, and a small business, we offer more than 4,000 programs; 149 categories; and up to 100 titles per category. They are available in paper bound catalogs, or in PDF formats. And why we are the place to look first.

Because of unauthorized, preview link use, it is essential we talk. We were required to install a secure system for online previews. Therefore, we created a simple, one time registration process for immediate and all future previewing. Just click on the following link, To Register For Our Emails and Online Previews.

Or for a faster option to easily, quickly, and directly get the link and password, contact me at: 1-800-344-6088 or

Here are the reasons we should talk, before you preview, rent or buy.

Besides the most titles, we also offer the newest ones; know and offer the best sellers; know and offer the ageless, tried and true sellers.

Wouldn’t you want to speak with a live person, who’s 40 years of knowledge, could easily and quickly solve your needs? Assuring, that you choose the best program for success.

Wouldn’t you want to speak to a live person to be sure a website’s information is current?

Regardless of budget, we have a program.

Fast, easy previews that will be the best choices.

Superior customer service that has created loyal customers for over 40 years.

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